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Have you ever gone to an expensive department store to buy a men's dress shirt and pay $80-150, because you are looking for a true quality men's dress shirt? You know, the kind of fitted dress shirt that is comfortable for a man to wear, and is tailored to last for many years. The problem is that unless you perfectly fit the dress shirt model that the company is using, the dress shirt is going to be: too long in the sleeves; too short in the sleeves; too big at the neck; too narrow at the neck; too wide in the torso; too narrow in the torso; etc. etc. etc. In other words a men's dress shirt that does not fit you as well as you would like.

Ideally, you would want a custom dress shirt that is made just for you, with all the quality of an expensive department store, yet at a price that is the same or cheaper than the department store. So why settle for a men's dress shirt that does not properly fit you when execshirts gives you all the things that you have been looking for in a true custom dress shirt.


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We make a high quality custom dress shirt, tailored to last, at a price that does not break your budget. Once you have worn a custom dress shirt from execshirts, you are never going to want to go back to an off the rack men's dress shirt, PERIOD… Call it a custom dress shirt, fitted dress shirt, men's fitted dress shirt, or whatever you want. We are going to make a custom dress shirt for you that matches your size, your sense of style, and your desire for quality, at a price that does not break the bank. This is how shopping is supposed to be done, where you get to decide every aspect on your purchase.

The custom dress shirts at execshirts are made specifically for you, from your measurements, using your preference for fabrics and styles. Unless you have a clone that wears the exact same size custom dress shirt as you, and has the same preferences in a fitted shirt, nobody is going to have the same shirt as you.

Seriously though, for every man, a custom dress shirt is made based on the measurements that you (or a tailor) take. The instructions for custom dress shirt measurements listed on our site are easy to follow. You can either take your measurements, or take an existing men's dress shirt that fits you the way you like and copy those measurements. We will take your exact measurements and tailor a custom dress shirt (or preferably shirts) for you.


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By selecting contrasting fabric inside your collar and cuffs you get a product that is as unique as you. White collar and cuffs is also a popular option. Since you are really looking for a custom dress shirt, one that meets your needs in terms of size and style, execshirts offers an extensive array of customization options so that you can truly have a custom dress shirt. We have already touched on how to size a dress shirt, what kind of fabrics are available for your dress shirt, now lets explore custom options.

Collars come in the form of button-down, tab, straight, and spread to name the most common types for a dress shirt. The beauty of our website is that you get to see pictures of a dress shirt made with that particular collar, and then you can decide if that is the kind of collar you want on your dress shirt. If you are buying several different dress shirts at once, you can customize the features on each individual dress shirt if you so desire, it is up to you.

After collars, cuffs are the next question people ask about when buying a custom dress shirt. We have classic 1 button and 2 button cuffs, round cuffs, square cuffs, and French cuffs. It is your custom dress shirt so you can make your dress shirt your way. Just like with collars, we have presented photos of cuff examples from actual dress shirts to make your decision easier.

Continuing on with customization, we have options for different pockets or no-pockets on your dress shirt. We also have different options for the back of your custom dress shirt with regards to pleats. For those discerning customers who want a personal monogram on the sleeve of their custom dress shirt, we have that too. We in fact have several different styles of monograms for your men's dress shirt. Once again we have presented photos for you to help you in the decision making process.


Ordering Is As Easy As 1-2-3! Our hand tailored shirts will ship out to you within one week. Whatever your needs or sense of style, we have the perfect solution. Our selection of fabric includes casual and formal materials. Solid and patterned shirts are available in a range of prices. No matter what kind of natural shape you have, our shirts can be tailored to fit your frame and compliment your body type. You can follow the instructions on our site for measuring yourself or just use a standard size and tell us your body type and we will contour your shirts accordingly.

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