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Quality Control 2

All of the dress shirts we sell are tailored to the highest quality standards. We are certain that you will not find a higher quality shirt in a similar price range than what we offer. This is because of the attention to detail our Quality Control staff and tailor has on each dress shirt. Every item that goes into your shirt is chosen with an eye to quality and all our vendors must maintain the highest quality control standards.

All of our dress shirts are hand cut and tailored to precise quality control standards. Since they are hand cut there will always be slight variances (+/-) from order to order or shirt to shirt. Our Quality Control Team checks each shirt to ensure that the variances are within the allowed ranges and reviews every part of the shirt to make sure the construction, cut, fit, are all correct. That is the only way we can guarantee our quality dress shirts.

Quality Control 2

As part of our quality control checks we will confirm that the correct fabric was used and that all of the custom options that you selected were tailored correctly. If you provided us any special instructions we will also confirm that those were done as well. The Quality Control Team will detail any slight variance on your order so that we have a complete record of it, but no shirts will be shipped if the variances are out of line or if we are not satisfied that we are shipping you a quality dress shirt. Our staff understands that the only way we can make you a repeat customer is if you are a happy customer on your first order and totally satisfied with the value and quality of our dress shirts.

At execshirts we are completely confident that our dress shirts are the highest quality dress shirts available in their price range. The reason we can be so confident about this claim is because this is what our customers tell us all the time. The dedication our staff has to tailoring a quality product makes this all possible.