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Follow The 3 Steps Below To Buy A Custom Shirt

  • Step #1 Browse through the shirting categories that we offer and pick the fabric that suits you.
  • Step #2 Review our array of custom options and select the ones that match your sense of style, every shirt is custom made based on your preferences.
  • Step #3 Go to checkout without taking any measurements and enter your standard shirt size (e.g. 16/35) or learn how to take your custom measurements using the procedures shown on our site. All size information is entered in your account at checkout.

About Our Custom Shirts

Do you spend countless hours browsing stores for quality shirts but never seem to find one that you like? More often than not, nothing you try on is fits properly, then when you finally stumble across one that is sized correctly, and it turns out to be made of poor quality material. At Execshirts, the premier retailer of men's shirts online, we provide you with the opportunity to design your own shirt at a great price. Our team of craftsmen have decades of tailoring experience and will provide you with the finest custom tailored shirts found on the internet. The quality of our hand tailored shirts has been compared to those found on Saville Row shop in London. For over 15 years, Execshirts has been tirelessly working to provide our loyal customers with one-of-a-kind custom tailored shirts and more. We are positive you will love the bespoke fitted shirts we create for you.