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Q. How do I pay with my credit card?

A. Go to the page on our site that shows the fabric that you desire. Click on the link which takes you into our on-line store. In the on-line store you will add items to your basket that you which to purchase and you will add your custom options for dress shirts (collars, cuffs, etc). Repeat this process until you have added all the items that you wish to purchase. Then click on the button in the page heading "proceed to checkout". When you checkout you will create an account and add your measurements, shipping information, and credit card information. We accept either Master Card or Visa through Cybersource or all PayPal payments, either type of transaction is completely secure.

Q. What is your price range (currency)?

A. Our custom dress shirts start at $69 and go up from there depending on the cost of the fabric. The quality on all our shirts is always the same, superior! All prices are listed in U.S. Dollars.

Q. Do I have to get re-measured every time I pick something out?

A. No. Our database keeps all customer information including size and mailing address. If you need to modify some information, just let us know. We periodically go in and update customer measurements to reflect the actual cut the tailor used, this will ensure that your next shirts are the same as your previous shirts. The measurements that we update are "tailor's measurements", they are not your physical measurements but the measurements we use to cut your shirts.

Q. Where will my shirts be made?

A. Every custom made dress shirt is hand made to your specifications at a factory in Bangkok, Thailand. We have been affiliated with this tailor for years, and that relationship allows us to maintain our consistently superior quality.

Q. Can I choose different styles on different dress shirts?

A. Absolutely! When execshirts says custom that is what we mean! Although we incur additional costs for this flexibility (and don't pass them on to you), we want you to feel free to customize your dress shirts the way you want. We are confident that our flexibility and quality will bring you back for more business in the future.

Q. Can I use different fabrics on each custom dress shirt?

A. No problem! You choose the fabric, you choose the style, you choose the size and we do the rest. We try to offer a wide array of reasonably priced popular fabrics on our site. We routinely update our fabrics when we find something new that we feel will appeal to business executives.

Q. I worry about the fit with a custom dress shirt, how do I know that it will be right?

A. We recommend that you try our buy 4 get 1 FREE promotion on your first order and we will send you a "test" shirt to confirm your measurements.

Q. Does execshirts offer any kind of a guarantee?

A. our order. We also guarantee all execshirts to made to our exacting quality standards and free of defects. All execshirts will last based on normal wear and tear. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. If you are not happy with your shirt you can return it for a full refund less shipping costs.

Q. Can I have French Plackets?

A. Yes, we do not show that as a custom option on our custom made shirts options; but you can request that in the special instructions section of your order and we will make your shirts with French Plackets.

Q. What are the differences among the dress shirt fabrics that you offer?

A. You will see different colors and styles offered. You will also see 100% Cotton and "wrinkle resistant" Cotton/Polyester mixed fabric.

Q. Can I have Edge Stitching?

A. Yes, we find that Edge Stitching does not hold up as well as our regular stitching; but you can request that in the special instructions section of your order and we will make your shirts with a Edge Stitching.

Q. Can I order white collars and/or cuffs?

A. CYes. For only $10 you can add them.

Q. Do I need to worry about shrinkage?

A. You should be aware that there is always a small shrinkage through washing (about 2 - 3%), The higher the Cotton content the more shrinkage that will occur. Deluxe Cotton and Linen will shrink more than a Cotton/Poly mix.

Q. Will my shirt tails be long enough or can my shirts be untucked?

A. Absolutely, we would not wear dress shirts with shirt tails that are not long enough, and we would not want you to do so either. All custom dress shirts are designed to fit properly based on your individual measurements. We look closely at the Height you give us and cut your shirts accordingly to make sure that your shirt tails will be long enough. Alternatively, if you want to wear your shirts untucked just tell us, and we will reduce the length accordingly so they can be worn outside your trousers without being too long.

Q. Do you share your customer list with other companies?

A. NO! We value our customers and their privacy, we would never do that. We may occasionally send you an email from execshirts on something that we think may be of interest to you, but we will never share your information with any other group or company.

Q. How will you ship my dress shirts?

A. All custom dress shirts are usually shipped within one week. They are shipped via Federal Express. FedEx takes about 2-4 days and airmail about 3-5 weeks depending on your location.

Q. How long does it take to receive my custom dress shirt order?

A. It will take about one week to tailor and ship your order from Thailand. From there it all depends on what shipping method you chose. If you chose FedEx add another 2-4 days or add 3-5 weeks for Airmail. There is always the very small possibility that a shipment could get held up at Customs, it happens in less than 1% of our shipments, but we have no control over that.

Q. Why should I buy dress shirts from execshirts and not someone else?

A. There are numerous reasons why you should by from execshirts, and we hope that our web site tells you all you need to know. But incase you missed them; here are some differences with execshirts! * Our shirt are manufactured for "export" and are of the highest quality. * We have American management team that understands American Customer Service. * We charge as low as $69 and we do not have a minimum order, you can order one quality shirt if you wish * You can have FREE shipping with your purchase * We don't make you wait 5-8 weeks for delivery, we ship within one week * Our number one goal is your complete satisfaction, and that is not lip service, that is something that we live by!

Q. What do I owe Customs for my dress shirts?

A. execshirts ships all our products using the "fair value" methodology. Usually there is never any customs' duties due to the small amount shipped. Any customs duties incurred are always the customer's responsibility.

Q. Can I have removable collar stays in my shirts?

A. Yes, most of our collars use collar stays and they are all made to be removable.

Q. Can I define the height of my collars?

A. Yes, take a shirt you like, measure the height in the back of the collar with the collar; with the collar folded naturally (back height) then measure the height from the fold in the front to the tip of the point of the collar (front height) and put that information in the special instructions section of your order and we will make your shirts with the collars the specified height.

Q. Can I define the size of my pockets?

A. Yes, take a shirt you like, measure the horizontal width of the pocket at its widest point (width); then measure the vertical height of the pocket at its longest point (height) and put that information in the special instructions section of your order and we will make your shirts with the pockets the specified size.

Q. Can I define the width of my sleeves?

A. Yes, our tailor will taper your sleeve width based on your other measurements. If you want to define a specific sleeve width, take a shirt you like, lay the shirt completely flat and measure the length of the seam where the sleeve connects to the torso. Make sure the sleeve is completely flat and you measure from end to end. Put that information in the special instructions section of your order and we will make your shirts with the sleeves the specified width.

Q. Can I define the color that you use on my monograms?

A. Yes, we normally use Dark Blue for our monograms, or Black for some colored fabrics. We also use the more dominant color for multi-colored fabrics or checked or striped fabrics. If you have a specific color that you want us to use, put that information in the special instructions section of your order and we will make your shirts with the monograms the specified color.

Q. Can execshirts make private label shirts for my company?

A. No, we frequently get requests from companies that like our selection of fabrics and like the quality of our products; but we choose to focus on dealing directly with our customers. We offer great value for our customers and already offer "factory direct" pricing to them, so we are not interested in opening a wholesale business.

Q. What if I have a question that you did not answer here?

A. Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions that you might have. You can contact us via: live chat; email; mail; or phone.