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What is important on Men's Shirts?

When analyzing men's dress shirts it is probably easiest to focus on the "three f's"; fit, fabric, fashion. When purchasing menswear at a department store, you get a basic style and standard sizing that will fit most men. The standard dress shirts are made in such a way that they leave lots of fabric around the torso area so that the shirts will fit a larger percentage of the population. They do this not for you...but for them. They make production runs in the thousands and the less they have to change the sizing the cheaper it is for them to make the dress shirts. A lot of men have grown used to this "baggy" or "comfortable" look with their dress shirts so they think that is normal. Women's shirts on the other hand are always tapered and the specialty shops could not get away with selling "baggy" shirts to women.

On our website there is information about different kinds of fabric that we use and viewing the execshirts product offering will show you a range of styles from solids to patterns. What you won't see is the quality of the "finish" on the fabric, that is verified by our tailor prior to purchasing a fabric.

What is fashionable today may not be fashionable tomorrow. With menswear there is the fashion of the day and there is business fashion. Business fashion changes very little over time, in fact a power suit, shirt and tie is quite literally "priceless". Other items that constitute casual dress shirts or casual attire will change from season to season. When purchasing your shirts, you need to decide when they are going to be worn, then you can determine what type of options to tailor on your shirts.

Do shirts need to be fitted to my frame?

The men's dress shirts at execshirts are made specifically for you, either using your custom measurements, or a standard dress shirt size. Our site has instructions for measuring yourself or an existing shirt and information on different "cuts". Every shirt is made for your frame and style. You decide what kind of fit you want on your shirts.

There is also the option where you can have a different fit on your shirts without taking any measurements. In your account at checkout you can select a "regular fit" or a different fit. A regular fit means that your shirts will come in a standard fit similar to a department store. If you want an athletic fit or a husky fit or even a dress shirt cut for a body builder, we can tailor that.

Since the shirts are going to be hand tailored for you; all decisions on cut and fit are yours. The shirts can be as tapered as much as you want or as little as you want, the decision is yours, all the information provided on our site is only guidance, it should be used to help you make decisions in the buying process, the ultimate decision on what constitutes "fitted shirts" for you is yours. One note of caution we have is with some customers who try to taper their shirts beyond an extreme cut. In all cases dress shirts should not fit like a t-shirt! If you cut the shirts too close at the Chest and the Arms, you may have problems when you try to raise your elbows up to Shoulder height.

What type of fabric is most appropriate?

When it comes to dress shirt fabrics, we try and keep it simple. We know that you are not a tailor, and that you want to know if your dress shirt is constructed using a Cotton/Polyester mix, or 100% Cotton, so we tell you. We also give you some information on classic fabrics such as Oxford, Pinpoint, Broadcloth, etc. We have a page on our site for dress shirt fabrics that goes into more detail.

We present the material (along with photos) in a way that should be easy enough for the average executive to understand when making a decision to buy men's shirts. We use a digital draping software for our images since scanning the fabric provides the most accurate portrayal of colors and textures, and we can then properly display those online.

As a general rule, a dressier fabric such as a pinpoint or broadcloth is the most appropriate as a business shirt. As part of your business power ensemble you will want to have one of these shirts in either White or maybe Pale Blue. Checks, Stripes or Pinstripes are great dress shirts, and can be worn with some suits, but they are not as versatile as a power shirt. Some of the bolder checked and striped fabrics on our site are more appropriate as a fashionable item or casual dress shirt, and are a definite plus when completing a man's wardrobe, but are not really the kind of shirt you would wear on a job interview.

How fashionable should my dress shirts be?

Since you are really looking for men's dress shirts that meet your needs in terms of style, execshirts offers an extensive array of custom options and fabrics, some shirts are more fashionable and others would be more appropriately termed "classics". Since we talked above about how your choice of fabrics can determine whether a shirt is more fashionable or business oriented, lets focus on the other part of that equation, and that is the custom options you choose on your shirts, these make a big difference as well.

Collars are probably the biggest component when it comes to determining a "style" to a dress shirt. A basic button down collar can be worn in casual or business settings but is not as "dressy" as some of the other collar options. The latest fashion trends are going more towards cutaway collars and different spreads on the collar points. We offer a complete array of collars on our site and their is a page that details all you need to know about our collars. The beauty of our web site is that you get to see pictures of shirts made with that particular collar, and then you can decide if that is the kind of collar you want. If you are buying several different shirts at once, you can pick the features on each individual shirt if you so desire, it is up to you.

After collars, cuffs are the next question people ask about. At execshirts we have classic 1 button and 2 button cuffs, round cuffs, square cuffs, and French cuffs. Just like with collars, we have presented photos of the cuffs we tailor to help you in the purchase of your men's dress shirts. Things to remember are that 2 button cuffs have a larger barrel of the cuff and feel a little different when you wear them, they may take getting used to. French Cuffs are very fashionable right now especially if you get them in White with the White Collar and Cuffs option.

Continuing on with your custom options, there are options for different pockets or no-pockets on your dress shirt. We also have different options for pleats in the back and can make a personal monogram on your shirts. One of the more fashionable options that we offer is to select another material and use that as internal contrasting collar/cuff so the fabric is visible when worn without a neck tie.

There is a separate page on our site that goes into great detail on shirt cuffs. The custom made options page shows the complete array of custom options available for men's dress shirts. When browsing the site you will see a great page on "proper fit" and a gallery of all the men's dress shirts we offer, there is also a page displaying all the custom fabric swatches sold at execshirts.