How Executive Shirts Began

Executive Shirts Story

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Neil first came to Thailand in 1995 with the United States Marine Corps, he was here training the Thai Recon Marines and fell in love with the country. After that first visit, Neil became a frequent visitor to Thailand. During a visit in 2000, Neil went searching all over Bangkok trying to find a tailor that made "quality" custom dress shirts. Neil visited at least a dozen tailors before he found the best quality that was available on the market.

As a result of his search, Neil found out about the different fabrics and the different quality of tailoring available to the average tourist. Neil bought a half dozen custom dress shirts and went back to America. Once back home, Neil really got to appreciate the quality, look, and durability of the dress shirts he purchased. His colleagues at work and at graduate school (got MBA at night) were all impressed with his shirts and he was frequently asked where he bought them.

Neil's single regret was that he only bought a half-dozen custom dress shirts and not more. Neil quickly remedied that regret, after that initial visit, whenever he came to Thailand, he would purchase new dress shirts. Neil experimented with different types of fabrics to see which offered the best value and durability.

The response that Neil's shirts elicited from friends and colleagues convinced him that he could build a business around shipping custom dress shirts from Thailand direct to the customer, so execshirts.com was born. Once Neil took up residence here, he became even more knowledgeable about the custom tailoring business. Neil learned that he could produce custom dress shirts that were even better quality than the shirts he had purchased on his earlier visits! Since the cost of shipping anything from Thailand is very high, Neil decided that all his shirts must be the highest quality shirts available in Thailand.

Armed with this new information Neil set out to produce the highest quality custom dress shirts on the market. Spending extra time finding the right fabrics, buttons, and tailoring pays off in superior dress shirts. The response that customers have had to the execshirts product offering has been overwhelming. Our customers continually write to us about the quality of our products, the value of our offering, and our great customer service. We believe that we offer the finest custom made shirts available in Thailand, and that they are the equal of any shirts in the same price range anywhere in the world.