You Decide Every Custom Option On Your Shirts

Custom Made Shirts

Below are the options available on your custom made execshirts. You will add your custom options on your shirts in the on-line store, you can order different options for each shirt.

Dress Shirt Collars

Traditional Collar

#1 Traditional Collar

Button Down Collar

#4 Button Down Collar

Quarter Spread Collar

#7 Quarter Spread Collar

Round Collar

#10 Round Collar

Tab Collar

#2 Tab Collar

Square Pin Collar

#5 Pin Collar - Straight

Half Spread Collar

#8 Half Spread Collar

Inside Button Down Collar

#11 Inside Button Down Collar

*NOTE: Standard dress shirt collar height is 3" fold to tip in the front and 1 3/4" in the back. If you want a different collar height just mention that in the special instructions section of your order.

Front & Back

Pocket Left Front Custom Made Dress Shirt

#1 Pocket Left Front

Center Pleats Custom Made Dress Shirt

#1 Center Pleats

Plain Front Custom Made Dress Shirt

#2 Plain (No Pocket)

Side Pleats Custom Made Dress Shirts

#2 Side Pleats

Custom Made Shirts - Cuffs

1 Button Cuff Round

#1 (1) Button Cuff Round

2 Button Cuff Angled

#4 (2) Button Cuff Angled

Round French Cuff

#7 French Cuff Round

1 Button Cuff Custom Made Dress Shirt

#2 (1) Button Cuff Angled

2 Button Cuff Round

#5 (2) Button Cuff Round

Changeable Cuff

#8 Changeable Cuff

Internal Contrasting Collar/Cuff

Pink Shirt Blue Contrasting Collar

Pocket Left Front Custom Made Dress Shirt

Pocket Left Front Custom Made Dress Shirt

Pocket Left Front Custom Made Dress Shirt

NOTE: The shirts shown above are just examples of what you can do on your dress shirts. The examples show different types of shirts where the internal part of the collar/cuff has a contrasting fabric. You can select any fabric you want so your options are almost endless, see restrictions below.

All fabrics used as a contrasting fabric must be valued at the same price (or less) than the shirt you are ordering. Enter the Code of the contrasting fabric you want when you select your custom options. The cost for internal contrasting collars/cuffs is $10 per shirt. If you only want internal contrasting fabric on either the collar or the cuffs; mention that in the special instructions section of your order, the price for one is the same.

If you do not want internal contrasting collar/cuffs just leave it blank and we will not make any changes on your shirt.

Custom Shirt - Monograms

Block Monogram

#1 Block Letters

Triangle Monogram

#4 Triangle

Block Monogram Angled

#2 Block Letters - Angle

Script Monogram

#5 Script

NOTE: Monograms cost $10 extra per shirt (3 letters) and will add 1-2 days to your delivery time. Be sure to enter your monogram requests EXACTLY on your order. Usually Diamond and Triangle (3 & 4) have the initial for your Last Name in the middle, but the choice is yours, see examples above.

All monograms will be placed on the left cuff of your shirt and will usually be made in Dark Blue, except for dark colored fabric, then the monograms will be colored Black. If the custom made shirt is multi-colored, the darker or more dominant color will be used. We can use another color if you include that in the special instructions section.

If you request a Monogram on your pocket, the default location will be aligned on the left side of the pocket close to the buttons. If you want the Monogram in another location you must also specify that, in conjunction with the request to place it on the pocket.

If you have a special request on Monograms other than the examples listed above, please include that in the special instructions section of the shopping cart. Monograms of 4-6 letters will constitute 2 monograms and cost $16, each additional increment of up to 3 letters will cost an extra $8. At execshirts we use our own buttons on all our shirts. These buttons are specially manufactured for us, they are not only beautiful; they are also Impact Resistant so they will not easily break. The combination of Mother of Pearl/Resin gives them both a superior finish and allows them to be extremely durable during normal everyday wear and tear. All shirts also come with removable collar stays shown here.