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Teal Deluxe Linen Shirt

TEALLIN | 100% Deluxe Linen

This casual shirt is tailored with a deluxe fabric that is 100% Linen. The fabric color is Teal.

Dress Shirt Collars

Traditional Collar

#1 Traditional Collar

Square Pin Collar

#5 Pin Collar - Straight

Wing Collar

#9 Wing Collar

Tab Collar

#2 Tab Collar

Round Pin Collar

#6 Pin Collar Round

Round Collar

#10 Round Collar

Band Collar

#3 Band Collar

Quarter Spread Collar

#7 Quarter Spread Collar

Inside Button Down Collar

#11 Inside Button Down Collar

Dress Shirt Cuffs

1 Button Cuff Round

#1 (1) Button Cuff Round

2 Button Cuff Round

#5 (2) Button Cuff Round

1 Button Cuff Custom Made Dress Shirt

#2 (1) Button Cuff Angled

Square French Cuff

#6 French Cuff Square

2 Button Cuff Square

#3 (2) Button Cuff Square

Round French Cuff

#7 French Cuff Round

Sizing Options

Use either your Standard Dress Shirt Size ("off the rack") which is your Neck/Sleeve size (e.g. 18/36) or you can can follow the instructions on our site explaining how to take your custom measurements. You can also use a "hybrid" method where you give us a standard size and tell us the "taper" you want to get dress shirts custom fit to your frame. See below for details.

Your Standard Size can be found near the collar on the label of an existing "off the rack" dress shirt, or on the inside panel of the shirt near the bottom.

Standard Shirt Size

Standard Dress Shirt Size

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